Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll Sweep The Floors

I'm at the age where castoff appliances gifted by relatives in my nascent para-adulthood are breaking and requiring replacement. It is forcing me to ask myself violently dull questions like "what am I looking for in an iron?"

Something that I didn't expect is feeling satisfied after spending not-small amounts of cash on things that aren't fun. The way Michelle, Ana and I hovered around this machine, cheering while I slowly vacuumed, you would have thought it was 1930 and we'd brought home the neighborhood's first radio; we regarded it with cautious awe, like it was voodoo, like it was black magic.

Aside from spending nearly $200 on a vacuum (my newfound prudence led me to purchase the warranty), today I began training for the half-marathon in October. Really making great strides toward being a boring-ass person here!

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