Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tying one on...to another one that has also been tied on

I've mentioned that my best friend Ana lives on the other side of my house - I am lucky to call Melissa my neighbor too. She has reached something of minor local celebrity status as a bartender at a popular whiskey bar in the Short North.

Melissa was stuck with a lousy "sitting" shift tonight - not slinging drinks or waiting tables but just being there in the manager's stead in case of catastrophe.

Since Ana and I are such steadfast pals and also shrewd consumers, we were happy to keep our favorite bartender company while enjoying the half-off martini special that happens on Tuesdays. (Martinis! They are fancy but not girly! Also they "work" quickly!)While we were there, two separate clusters of friends stopped by and we moved to a big table and yelled happily at each other.

Columbus is no one-horse-town, but I often dream of moving to a crunchy Mecca like Asheville or Portland or a real metropolis like New York. Spontaneous and harmonious gatherings like this - they happen so easily in a medium-sized Midwestern city like Columbus. It would be sad to start over somewhere new.

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  1. No leaving Ladies' Commune!! Herb-growing forever! Don't you remember the oath sworn in menstrual blood? (ew!)