Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solo project

When it's not raining hammers or ninety degrees out, I take a headphoned seven minute stroll to this park and wolf my packed lunch. The park is a green knoll orbited by a walking path. As I eat my wussy meal (sliced tofurkey sandwich, pile of carrots and grapes, Greek yogurt), I watch pairs of middle-aged women, name-badge lanyards swinging, lap and lap and lap the park on their lunch break. I silently cheer for them and swing my talcum-white legs up onto the sun-baked seat. Nick thinks it's sad that I eat by myself but I don't mind it. When the Pandora station on my phone makes a particularly inspired song selection, it feels like high-fiving a friend. (I don't..not..see where Nick is coming from)

There are topiaries in the park meant to mimic a Seurat painting, but I can't remember which one. Probably the most well-known one. Maybe this isn't their "season", but they aren't looking so hot. The foliage is receding from the head part of the metal humanoid frames, giving them an unsettling Ent/Terminator appearance.

Still, as I snapped this, a man sat painting the scene.

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