Friday, July 2, 2010


Erin's parents were kind enough to host us at their downtown loft for Columbus' big fireworks event, to enjoy the spectacle high above the sweaty hordes and the glowstick hawkers. It occurred to me that I haven't been to a proper fireworks event in years; I've worked as a server basically every summer Friday and Saturday night since 2006. Their place is beautiful - huge, modern, with countoured cement columns from the building's original construction.

Erin's dad, our generous host, is a hell of a storyteller and relayed to us how after two years of bimonthly fainting spells and emergency hospital visits, he learned he had a parasite.

"So it wasn't the mere existence of the parasite that made me pass out, it was its eggs."
(We all cry out in horror)
"But it wasn't the eggs, it was the toxic fluid it excreted whenever it laid its eggs."
(We all stamp the ground in squeamish disgust)

Good news: fireworks are still awesome. This indicates there cells of childlike wonder, previously thought extinct, functioning inside of me.

(photo via Michelle)

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