Monday, August 2, 2010

Dropping your organic watermelon from a great height at the neighborhood food co-op: hippie faux-pas. While I was doing damage control, I ran into a former classmate -

Him: What have you been up to?
Me: Dropping produce, apparently.
Him: I dropped some beans! (gestures an aisle over)
Me: We suck!
Him: We totally suck. (Fist bump)
Me: What have you been up to?
Him: Well I was doing Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan, know.
Me: Holy shit, yeah! Are you okay?!!
Him: I'm okay..but, you know, I'm back. The Peace Corps office was calling me to tell me not to leave my apartment, there were government-sponsored snipers in the streets. So. I'm back?

I had the audacity the other day to moan that my life's newfound stability - undramatic monogamy, steady employment, etc. - was really hampering me from having fresh anecdotes. Sometimes no news is good news.

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