Saturday, August 7, 2010

Humans aren't meant to be up this high. I paid $2 for the pleasure of pulling all the fire alarms in my brain stem and can I just say...worth it.

I mentioned this to Jenn and Matt today as I walked around Cincinnati melting their faces with my opinions - it is near-impossible for me to walk two abreast (..or three) without clutching my companion. I'm so weird. I miss people I'm standing right next to.

The bus ride home was like a bad acid trip - awful food smells, awful human smells, crying babies, and a self-appointed crusty flip-flop sandal engineer positioned directly across the aisle from my nose. He was really determined to fix the broken strap on those puppies! Really did a lot of waving that ham-soaked foam slab around, working the plastic thong back through the sole - fueling himself with potato chip dust pinched from the bottom of a bag of Lay's and dropped down the back of his throat like a bitter pill swallowed.

Also, the letters "ICP" were crudely embroidered into the back of the seat in front of me, which is maybe all I should have mentioned in the first place.

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