Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I manned a booth representing my non-profit at the state fair all morning. It was in the zealously air-conditioned senior activity center, and I had literature about our programs that might help elderly populations. The seniors were not shy about expressing their disinterest, which I honestly appreciated. I don’t need to give my spiel, you don’t need to pretend to listen. Even steven.

I skip making my own coffee in the morning because of aforementioned sleepy-baby-ness - drinking the free stuff once I get to work saves time and money. (Also, this week I implemented a doing-my-makeup-once-I-get-to-work program, which has decreased tardiness 100%. When I say this, people remark that it sounds sad, but I cannot bear to rise in the morning. I honestly feel tethered to my sheets by so many Lilliputians.) Since I went straight from home to the fair, I was trapped in coffee-less, refrigerated purgatory, which meant that all morning old people were empowered to wage their personal battle against yawning.

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