Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mom and I are different; for several years of my adolescence, we seemed irreconcilably so. She is blunt, hard-working and introverted. Yours truly is politic, flighty, and prone to showboating. From a precocious age, I reacted to parenting of any sort by pulling the grenade pin with my teeth and taking the whole joint down in flames.

Even though I loved her, I had no plans to be like her. We were so different - how was it possible to be like her and still be like myself? It was an unexpected pleasure as an adult to meet her as maybe others get to - goofy, candid, and with mordant wit.

In the barrage of all this Eat Pray Love press which basically paints the novel as a pseudospiritual Sex and the City, I recalled happily yesterday that my bibliophile mom hated this novel, hated it, and e-mailed her to tell her how much I appreciated this fact. She and my dad are in Albuquerque visiting my brother (who is famously terse, hence the scare quotes.)

Well gee. That makes my day. This is our last day in abq. Going up on sandia peak w dan tonite to eat and take in the view. And hopefully "bond" with my son. That is my idea of eat pray and love. see you soon mom


  1. When have you ever, EVER in your LIFE been prone to showboating????

  2. Maybe you meant boat-showing? I have seen you give some lovely guided tours of some schoners before...

  3. Yeah, Ana, I hate attention, really just shrink away from the spotlight :)