Thursday, October 14, 2010

Copenhagen, 2007. Unfortunately, my favorite picture of us is not terribly suitable for the Internet. My oldest, best friend has been living in Daegu, South Korea for the past year, and I have been shamefully delinquent with my correspondence. Today I was thrilled to get an e-mail, and she managed to all but nail my identity crisis with the whole I-run-for-hours-at-a-time-on-purpose thing and the I-don't-get-drunk-on-weeknights-anymore-sometimes-not-on-weekends-either thing. Leave to it to the ones who know us the longest:

"A half marathon?! Congrats! I'm so impressed. I think I remember you, Thomas, and I making a pact after summer gym in high school that we would never run again unless we were being chased by a bear. I'll forgive you though. You'll have to let me know how it all goes next week! Hopefully your ambition will inspire me to start going hiking more regularly. My drinking keeps getting in the way of my exercise..."

She is back stateside in December, when hopefully we can resume some of our old ways.

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