Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I discovered the contents of two arcane Photobucket accounts! Huge. I completely forgot that for a spell in 2005-2006, I was diligent about clouding my data, only no one called it that back then.

I got my first computer (hostname: Apocalypse) as a gift for college from my parents in 2004. I covered it in Ted Leo stickers and banged it around recklessly the way a toddler drags a babydoll by its hair. It went gently into that good night in 2007 taking with it all its data, to be briefly revived by a friend's fiance in early 2008. I did not bother to back up the reclaimed data. Apocalypse died again. My friends got divorced.

In August 2008, I bought a new laptop (hostname: MisterManager). Apocalypse is still around, a heavy plastic cipher likely containing no recoverable data. I grieve for those photos, captures of my nascent relationship with Nick, quotidian images of those first months forging a life for myself as a hardly-adult.

From the vault:
What We Talk About When We Talk About Dijon, 2005

Nick, passed out in the aforementioned squalid basement apartment. 2007?

Nick, approximately 12 years old, peeks through his filmstrip curtain, August 2006

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