Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Burying the lede

Most accessories are an annoyance to me, even those with function beyond adornment. I do wear necklaces, as I can't see them and typically lose awareness of a thin chain or beaded strand. My eyeglasses, which I need for screen-staring and book-reading, often end up perched atop my skull or dangling between clenched teeth after I finish a chapter or power down my machine. No sense in putting glass between me and my Hitchens essay, I'd rather hold the magazine so close it becomes wet from my breath.

Many rings I've abandoned: a filigree spoon ring that tattooed my twelve year old finger moss green, a gold ring with my birthstone in a perfectly circular setting like a drop of dew, a sterling silver braided vine to celebrate my confirmation. I tried to train myself to commit to each, like a habit learned or broken.

Of course, they got in my way. They were removed every time I needed to "do something", with eating, sleeping, showering, driving, writing, and typing falling under that umbrella. But on Saturday, Nick gave me a ring and I put it on my fourth finger and I think I may just never take it off.


  1. Pics or it didn't happen!!!!!!! Oh, and congratulations!

  2. It's skinny and made of wood and titanium. No pics, I guess you'll just have to visit..

  3. Beautiful.

    Do I have to visit, too?

  4. i love how you wrote this story! so sweet. and many congrats!! oh, and it sounds like an absolutely beautiful ring.

    -caitlin (i clicked over from APW)

  5. After you linked me to your blog, I made a pact with myself that I would save it to read all the way through during a particularly boring Intellectual Property class (read: the next day). However, I apparently couldn't wait to check your internets and INSTEAD OF TAKING A NAP, I read your blog all the way through.

    I mean, I'll probably click through it again during class to see if maybe you have updated something in the last 15 minutes, but let it be known the FIRST time I read you blog was on my cushy bed surrounded by Gary, a box of Wheat Thins and a scraped clean jar of peanut butter. Pretty good day.