Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My dude and I ushered in the long holiday weekend by seeing a show in memory of a fallen local hero - proceeds went to the children's charities he supported tirelessly and to his family. All manner of local bands filled the bill, including a semi-successful band from the 90s reforming for the first time in over a decade. That dashing fella there in the black broomstick skirt is their bassist, and also Nick's coworker. It was beautiful, beer and lights and tons of warm bodies there, the concert pavilion washed in a fond sadness.

Thursday, we traveled to my hometown to empty microbrews and shit-talk our opponents in board games, in keeping with Mylastname tradition. We ate our processed soy product and mushroom gravy and apple pie and were in bed, barely able to stand, by 10 p.m. It usually takes about 30 hours of family time to turn me into a petulant teenager, so we scooted Friday afternoon just as voices began to rise. I woke up Saturday almost narcotically happy about having a "second weekend". My week-long December vacation can't come soon enough.

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