Thursday, December 9, 2010

(photo via ruffled)

I think I have surprised everyone by taking to this business of wedding planning without too much protest. That's right, within two weeks of being engaged, we'd booked a venue, set a date, and decided on a photographer. I even claimed a url for our forthcoming wedding website. I refuse to be embarrassed! Practical, secular, and feminist though I may be, I am foremost a dyed-in-the-wool spaz.

I believe firmly that best is the enemy of good, and in that spirit we went with the first venue we toured, because, um, we liked it. I found a photographer who took candid, warm photos for a non spit-take fee and I asked him to send me a contract. No "interviewing candidates". No cake tastings. Is it fine? Then go with it.

My accidental research points to two wedding blog k-holes: Princess and Too Cool. Princess weddings are about being elegant and classy and timeless, italicized to indicate that I am mocking them. Too Cool weddings are the overwrought indie weddings with the bridesmaids in perfectly unmatched vintage frocks and the moustache props. These are cute!, sure, but I know I will get no joy from tying 250 napkin bundles with twine and a sprig of rosemary. Also, I don't need my wedding to be a tribute to my own creative brilliance.

Yeah, I talk a big game, but I am not immune to pretty pictures. Always, though, I'm felled by my own tireless practicality.

Sure, it would be cute to have my guests sit on straw bales at my outdoor ceremony, but how the hell do you responsibly dispose of 150 straw bales when the thing is done?

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