Monday, January 3, 2011

Being sick (still, by the way, maybe always) has sprouted some new worst-case-scenario neuroses in my brain. I'm secretly confident that a loved one will die right before the wedding, incurring the double tragedy of them not being at said wedding should the event proceed, and them being dead. Certain truths like this usually go unmentioned by me, because they beg the response from regular people "well you can't go worrying about all the things you can't control". To which I say, sounds like youuuuu don't have an anxiety disorder. But really, I say, Oh I know I'm so morbid ha ha.

I used to be sure that on September 23rd, 2011, Nick and I would have twin daggers of pain in our sides and get rushed to the OR for emergency appendectomies. Damn the appendix, the little worm-shaped time bomb, evolution's turd. What were we thinking trying to plan a wedding with one of those still grown to our guts? I learned recently that this happened to a friend of a friend - well, just one emergency appendectomy, but the week of the wedding. She soldiered through the day, sallow and doped on pain meds, barely able to remember or enjoy the day, a.k.a. my nightmare.

I can control so little, but to a certain extent, I can control my health. I minded my health in 2010 and I'm going to keep doing so this year. As soon as I can get my temperature down.


  1. On that note, I must tell you that me and my best friend celebrate our own made-up holiday every September 23rd:

    End of the World Day.


    I hope you feel better before the world ends.

  2. The story my parents LOVE to tell about their wedding day is how my dad almost "cut his leg off" 3 hours before the wedding.

    He didn't "almost cut his leg off"--he DID get a deep gash below his knee from a random car license plate as he was leaving a store to head to the church--and my uncle had to give him a bunch of stitches in the emergency room 2 hours before the wedding. They made it to the church on time, though and everything was fine, etc etc.

    That story is probably not helping.

    However, the nice thing is that sometimes shit happens on wedding days and things still work out! (And even if something happens, you'll at LEAST have a good story/blogpost afterward, right?)