Thursday, January 27, 2011

I did not give my hobbies enough credit. I am not necessarily feeling creatively fulfilled but I am certainly having a good time.

My friend Amanda is a killer yoga instructor but last year her day job got so demanding that she had to give up teaching for a while. She missed it and wanted to keep current and started teaching yoga in her living room for her friends. I've been calling it "anarchist yoga" - hip hop instead of Enya, no professional perfectbodies as classmates, non hierarchical structure, free!, and all in front a friend's hearth. Anarchist Yoga is growing in numbers and the living room is getting tight - an attendee offered up one of the spacious empty rooms at her work for next week. Which happens to be a funeral home. Amazing! And I get to see Sjanneke every week despite our often mismatched schedules.

And Dinner Club! Yesterday Brigit made something like five different varieties of pierogies each with ingredients so inspired that everyone cheered as she rattled off the choices. Ana came up with a curried slaw and I happily mooched off the talents of my friends. It is a mitzvah, man, having Dinner Club to depend on every week. Knowing that if I can make it to Wednesday night, 10-15 of my dudes will descend on my house and put noise and food and laughter between these walls.

And Nick and I have been taking snowy night walks around the neighborhood, to get a snack at the co-op, or to the railroad tracks to freak ourselves out, or through the unlit spooky-quiet ravine. It's only January, but I don't hate winter this year as much as I usually do.

I put some checks and contracts to vendors in the mail yesterday, and then I'm retiring from wedding planning until deep spring. Like, almost summer. Retirement! A great time to focus on one's hobbies.

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