Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just bought a dress new with tags on eBay for half the retail. Not sure what is more exciting, having bought a dress for my own wedding (weird!), not having to worry anymore about buying a dress (it better fit..), or having "saved" $550 by not buying THE DRESS. I swear getting a bargain is a better high than even good pot. I can't remember the last time I graciously accepted a compliment on something I was wearing - no, I must lay out for the poor bastard THE DEAL I GOT CAN YOU BELIEVE.

So let's review. Dress I will inevitably get red wine on and not even care on September 24th:

Dress for TOTAL SUCKERS who won't be backpacking in the Andes anytime soon:

What a relief to have this taken care of. Now on to tackling a goal I set for 2011: attempt a winter sport. I'm thinking more snowboarding than dogsledding but I could be swayed.


  1. Damn, woman! That's one beautiful dress. Just the thing for dogsledding. Or getting married. Or lounging on a divan, should you spot one nearby.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty good! Anxiously awaiting its arrival in a box on my snowy porch.

  3. I really like the dress you decided to buy. Seeing the picture side by side with the other one made me realize which one I liked better, and it's definitely the one you chose (it seems nicer and less night-gown-y?) Nicely done.

  4. @Jenn - yeah, at first I thought the $800 dress was impeccably "ethereal and dreamy", but now all I can see is Wendy in Peter Pan. I mean, it's obviously a very lovely dress, but I'll live. I take issue with the whole THE DRESS popular mythos. There is no THE dress, just A dress that you buy.