Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some exciting things not directly having to do with me and my opinions happened yesterday! I can't talk about it yet, but I will, and I will probably abuse the exclamation point! But right now I would like to complain about planning a wedding. An ad on my workday Pandora station pitches expensive diamond engagement rings by saying "this is the most romantic time of your life". What? What does that mean?, I ask no one as I mute my office PC and get up to refill my mug of the bitter, caffeinated swill they stock at work.

I am excited to get married, but like I said before we got engaged, a fiancee is just a girlfriend with an unpaid internship. A lot of responsibility, and I'm not really officially on staff. I have been avoiding dress-shopping because it's not (very) time-sensitive and maybe I'm slightly padded from the winter/beer. But I know I want a simple, not-strapless, not-poufy dress that won't look busy when hanging out with an oversized necklace (my signature) and the bright, good-sized tattoo under my right clavicle. And I found one that I really love, that happens to be double my arbitrarily set (and culturally small) dress budget.

Me: I found the perfect dreeeessssssss but it is more money than I have ever spent on something that wasn't a plane ticket.
People in earshot: Well how much is it?
Me: $x
People in earshot: Oh shut up. Just buy it.

I hear you guys. Maybe I'll just sack up and buy it. But if Nick and I can't afford to honeymoon in bungalows in an Ecuadorian CLOUD FOREST, it's on you. Also, CLOUD FOREST was totally coined by a marketer right? It's brilliant. What sort of monster is not charmed by the idea of a cloud forest? It sounds like a Raffi song.


  1. If you're sitting at a computer drinking bad coffee, this can't possibly be the most romantic time of your life.

    Have you tried on the dress?

  2. The dress lives on the Internet, and is non-returnable! They suggest have a tailor do all my measurements, but it still seems like even if all the parts fit, the sum of those parts could still be underwhelming. So I am loath to send $800 into the ether for a dress that may disappoint.

  3. I can understand that. I've been having similar feelings about bridesmaid dresses--- not one in a dozen dresses fits me, so shopping online seems worse than risky.

    Have you seen any good runner-up type dresses? What style speaks to you?