Friday, February 4, 2011

Have you ever known a Disney person?

They look just like you and I, but they think that a theme park outside of Orlando is a hallowed place where hearts bob with joy, light as kites, and bummer seeds cannot take root.

Nick is a Disney person. I am not. I've never been and am infuriatingly dismissive and patronizing of the whole thing. He's been trying to talk me into "going to Disney" (Disney people lop off the word "World" typically, FYI) basically since I've known him and I've always been a firm never, not ever, ok maybe if we had kids and still probably not.

Last fall in all my half-marathon training delirium, Nick got me to agree to running the Disney World full marathon with him in January 2012. I'd completely forgotten until he reminded me this week. At the time, it seemed far enough away that I wouldn't worry about it and I wanted to be a good sport.



  1. As someone who loves Disney (because I would willingly stand in line for 40 minutes eating ice cream while waiting to ride Splash Mountain) and also definitely hates it (everyone there is kind of mad, sore feet, expensive bullshit, FAMILIES EVERYWHERE) my first thought on reading this was: B-but if you're running a marathon there, how will you be able to get up the next morning at 6 to be first in line to ride Dinosaur: The Ride at Animal Kingdom? These are concerns I have.

    Also sorry for commenting on your blog so much.

  2. @Jenn Well, since you asked, I think we would do some mild Disneying the day before the race. Also, Dinosaur: The Ride is a thing? Excellent. P.S. Don't stop commenting! I miss you in my life.