Monday, March 28, 2011

Melissa asked to take a few photos of me in my work clothes for a school project after work today since I am very accessible and a good sport statuesque and inspiring. While she was snapping away, I decided I liked my outfit and took some photos myself.

This is the first time I've worn this skirt. I haven't gotten around to altering it to fit, and honestly, it's a low priority right now. My lazy girl's solution is to fold it over and pin it at the waist with this silver E monogram pin that Ana gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

This top has a cool placket of jersey pinwheels going on and more importantly, it covers my tattoo for optimal professionalness! I really only need these glasses for reading and computer use, but sometimes I throw them on to go out to a bar or a show if I'm wearing something revealing that needs to be dialed down with serious Poindexter frames. Admittedly nothing inventive going on here with color or proportion, but I do feel like this ensemble represents what my wardrobe probably says about me at work: "I work at a nonprofit and I take it kind of seriously and I'm probably a vegetarian and I would really rather teach you how to make an editable pdf rather than do it for you, cause then you will know how to do it, but okay, sure, I'll just do it for you." I can't be too creative with my work clothes, but this is still pretty "me".

I read a lot of style blogs and sometimes think I manage not to dress like a total lunatic, but I'm a little too self-loathing to feel okay about regular photos of myself on my little Internet pillow fort. That said, my friends have monumental style and I think I might start posting photos of those babes. Would that be something you guys would be into?

(Skirt and top, thrifted. Boots, Steve Madden. Glasses, Warby Parker. Monogram pin, gift.)


  1. Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! (I'm sorry I couldn't help it.)

    Also, I will be the first to request more outfit pictures (from anyone). That skirt is pretty great.

  2. Cool outfit! Your "lazy girl solution" is both brilliant and cost-effective.