Sunday, March 6, 2011


I mentioned before that Nick's and my wedding planning motto is "best is the enemy of good". This has served us well in that I haven't regretted a single quick-but-careful decision. There is a danger in oversaturation for this introspective soul, too much research can flood all my little neural pathways with noise that I can't unhear.

I've managed to let go a lot of ideas that would add lovely, bespoke touches to the wedding for the sake of simplicity and the fact that I like to sleep. Really, aside from dancing, booze, and my favorite humans, I could be charmed into giving up most "must-have" trappings of the modern wedding. Flowers are nice, but they die, you know. And people will get tired and sit down even if their calligraphied name on a card is nowhere in sight.

However, one thing I can't give up is a wedding rug. "Is that a thing?" friends ask, and I'm not sure. I'm hesitant to enter it as a search query in all the hip, stylish wedding blogs because I'm certain it's been done and don't want my "vision" all muddied. I'm not trying to have someone else's wedding.

We are getting married outside, in a biergarten downtown - no sanctuary, no chuppah, no inscrutable arch wrapped in ivy. I got it in my head that we should say our vows while standing on a bright, beautiful rug. A sort of ad-hoc altar that we can roll up, take home, and say, "We got married on this spot!" (Or more likely "We got married on this spot! And then all our animals peed on it")

Not only does the rug have look awesome, it has to be high enough quality that it lasts, but, um, not such high quality that we can't afford it. And I would like for it not to have been made by shoeless indentured children in southeast Asia.

Does such a rug exist? I care about this stupid rug so much. Certainly more than I care about my dress.

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