Monday, March 21, 2011

So Nick started his new internship my office.

I didn't really think we'd be seeing too much of each other since he'll be mostly out in the field doing the real sleeves-rolled-up work and I'll be back in my cube tweeting about the sleeves-rolled-up work and writing grants. (sigh.)

But no, due to some office resituating they plopped him right. next to me. He's using my cubemate's workspace while he's on vacation. I spent all day forgetting he was there, then being surprised by him, then expressing my surprise in a "professional" tone.

I dealt with this by periodically lobbing mint lifesavers over to him, hearing them unceremoniously clack on his desk. Oh, also sending texts that say, for example "balls".


  1. this makes me grin. I think Nick needs a BIG candy bowl for his desk ;)

  2. OMG Michelle he seriously brought one today.