Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We had our (brilliant!) wedding photographer take a couple shots of me and Nick being presentable to send out with our "save the date" cards. Aside from my future mother-in-law's annual side-hug-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree portrait, we don't have tons of pictures of us together. Also, our goofy mugs could use a professional's touch.

We got the "proofs" today, and they're cute and all, but the only thing I think about when I scroll through them is what's changed since they were taken. Nick was offered a teaching assistantship more or less out of the blue, so he's quit his job at the hospital after five years there. He also accepted a part-time internship position that ties in neatly with his thesis research. It's as frightening as it is exciting.

The man's worked nights as long as I've known him, and his third shift lifestyle was always a contributing factor to this social creature dragging her feet about moving in together. In a few short months, we'll finally have our own place and we'll be keeping the same schedule. Huge for us! We could even eat dinner together every day! And those boners in the photos don't know about any of it!

This fall could find us both living on my modest nonprofit salary while Nick looks for a job. I should be spooked but..I'm not. I know I can't eat the well wishings of our friends and families but holy shit is it making me feel rich.


  1. That picture of you guys together rules. Also, SO PUMPED! that Nick got the internship/teaching assistant position.

  2. Thanks, Jenn!

    The pictures are a little self-indulgent but will come in handy if my kids ever doubt that I was once young, unconscionably pale, and wearing a quilt.

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I am hugely looking forward to getting some engagement pics with my mister (we have a hard time being photogenic at the same time). Super happy for all the great turns your life is taking! Couldn't be happening to a more kick ass lady-and i'm assuming your dude is equally awesome:)