Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(at my prom-themed birthday party, May 2010)
Did you guys know I live with a couple?

Mark and I go way back, our group of high school friends were thick as thieves and we spent many evenings in a pack watching spaghetti Westerns, racing our shitty cars around the high school parking lot, and painting vigilante public art projects in garages. (You know, at the time I thought we were sort of badass but in typing that it turns out we were super wholesome?)

He met Michelle in college and it's a good freaking thing because she and I might never have come to be friends otherwise, chasing our special-needs cats around, scheming recipes for Dinner Club, and thrifting like champions. Also she's one of the most crafty, curious, and enterprising people I know. Wedding planning pro tip: be friends with Michelle. I've brought her on as my wedding's Creative Director.

Last week they got engaged! Couldn't be happier for these two tender-hearted, funny, creative souls. She basically has carte blanche for wedding help from me. I may not be a seamstress, a floral designer, a graphic designer, or even terribly organized, but I have two hands and two ears and I am REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC.

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