Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The author at 17. Head full of dreams. Also full of crippling insecurities. I am trying really hard not to let this kid down, but also not to follow her shitty advice.

I keep wavering between my hippie heart and my Midwestern protestant stock. Sometimes I think, dude, like, you should only work a job that you love so hard it rattles your marrow, namaste. And then my Lutheran-raised pragmatic self chimes in to say, why does your job have to be your life's passion? Why can't you just have a whatever job, and then a life to go home to that makes you feel light as a dandelion seed?

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  1. oh man, i too get bounced like a bouncy ball between wanting my marrow to rattle and wanting to feel light as a dandelion seed.

    i feel like it's either a generational thing, or maybe just a Human (American Human, probably) thing?