Sunday, April 17, 2011


(Dear friends Sjanneke and Ryan cutting their wedding cake, 2009)

I put Nick in charge making the cake happen. You know what I am unconcerned with? Cake. But it's a thing, and my Aunt Sue, arguably my biggest cheerleader in life, has offered to pay for it as a wedding gift to us. (When I was elected senior class president, she had a bouquet of flowers the size of a small house delivered to my homeroom.)

As soon as I told Nick to take the reins on that one, I had a mild surge of anxiety. I was picturing red frosting roses. Or red real roses. I hate frilly and I hate whimsy - and it seems that most wedding cakes fall into one of those two categories.

I've since let it go. As long as it's there on September 24th and I don't have to get it there, it's the best cake ever forged by human hands as far as I'm concerned. My ideal wedding cake? A peach cobbler. Or an IPA and some cheesey garlic bread.


  1. My best cake is brie wrapped in pastry. And only I get to eat it. Or a rootbeer float cupcake. Either/or, really.

  2. Seriously though, a pastry-wrapped brie wheel with a festive little flag stuck in it would make for a pretty cute wedding cake.