Monday, April 25, 2011

How to have Easter in the suburbs on purpose

Nick and I hit 70 West on Saturday evening to do Easter in my hometown. We were big heroes and even went to the 8 am (!!!) service at my childhood church. You can bet we stood and sat and kneeled like old pros. Mom read the big deal verses with the stone rolling away and she got a noiseless high five upon returning to the pew. "Good readin' there", I told her in the narthex afterwards. "Well, the lady who normally does that reading, she died." Easter!

Back at home, Nick and I set up a Netflix account for my parents to use with their Wii. I loaded the thing up with every prurient cop drama I could think of, the kind of programs that make you blush when an unsuspecting roommate strolls past the TV set, the kind of programs that Mom and I unabashedly adore.

Later I got out my dad's electric hair clippers and gave my boyfriend a serious ear-lowering in the driveway. I can't really say why, but it has always been a source of untold joy for me to cut my partner's hair. Such trust risked and such a high stakes transaction! There are few things more tragic than walking around with doofus hair for a few weeks, right?

For dinner, there was ate vegetable lasagna and little egg-shaped cakes with the whole famdamn as it stands in 2011 - my stoic brother, sister and her fiance Joe, Nick and I, and my parents. Five was always plenty, but it is really good to have these new dudes around.

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  1. high-stakes transaction, indeed! i also get an odd joy from cutting kyle's hair. luckily, he's got curls-- they're pretty forgiving. and he only complains when i accidentally stab him in the ear with the scissors. :)