Thursday, April 14, 2011

New digs!

Unexpectedly, Nick and I signed a lease for a new place today! My brief career in apartment hunting and living has taught me that beautiful and affordable places in cool neighborhoods are necessarily accompanied by batshit crazy landlords. Always. This one helped me to map out all the procedural tenant actions I should take if and when Nick leaves me. After all, we are jointly yet individually responsible for rent! I know this, because she reminded me five times. I don't care though. If you give me your Arts and Crafts style cabinetry, your spacious backyard, your exposed brick, you can lecture me about my certain failed marriage all you want.

Columbus is not huge, but this is a neighborhood I've never lived in before. New grocery store, new breakfast joints, new running routes. I'm excited (we're getting married soon!) but a little sad to lose my sleepy family neighborhood with its dreadlocked moms and abundant rain barrels.

But our new neighborhood is canopied by centenarian sycamores, just starting to show green against the sky.


  1. Ah! So exciting! Congrats dude, that is amazing news! You'll have to tell me in real life (ie not on the internetz) where your new neighborhood is!)

  2. aahh--- so jealous of that beautiful apartment! we are hoping to find one bigger than a shoebox one of these days...


  3. Evie,
    I saw your post on APW this morning. I'll just say I don't believe in coincidences and I just feel like I HAVE to talk to you. Is there a way I can get in touch with you without all of your friends and fam and the internet being involved? Carolyn