Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not sure how these two best-friends-with-benefits will handle their imminent separation! What do you say, Mark and Michelle, should we stay together for the kids?

Greta was an older kitten when our friends found her living behind their apartment building's dumpster in October 2009. We took her to our place because they couldn't keep animals there, and after earnest but heavyhearted attempts to find her possible owner, she came to live with us for keeps. I am not sure why it was that she became "my" cat. Mark and Michelle sort of each had their own little buddies in Mary and Oscar respectively. Maybe it's because that first night we kept her in my bedroom, separated from the other two who were spooked and cranky about the new addition.

Oscar and Greta became fast friends, rarely seen not curled up in a snuggly yin-yang (let's be honest...69) on the couch. I've always thought people were kidding themselves when they said they got an additional pet to "give their pet a friend". You wanted another dog because you wanted another dog! Not because you altruistically wanted to provide your forlorn pet with a companion. But I get it. It's a lonely weird world when you live in a tiny carpeted duchy where everything is huge and inaccessible and you shit in a box. It's probably a comfort to have a friend.

(Nick - I am not suggesting we get another cat)

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