Monday, May 23, 2011

The author on her 25th birthday.

So, if you limited my life to smalltalk topics, it would seem that things are going well. I'm gainfully employed ("how's work?"), the events of September 24th are coming together without too many snags ("how's wedding planning?", and on September the 25th I am getting on a plane to freaking Peru ("got any fun trips planned?").

But, quietly (or not so quietly if you ask me how my life is and you betray the slightest hint of wanting more than a quick "great!"), things have been a low-grade, benign bummer. This bummer, it's not inoperable, but it's making me chronically exhausted and irritable. The quick explanation is that work has become quite suddenly terrible and I'm having to explore new possibilities more quickly than I'd planned. A few weeks into bummer diagnosis, and I'm forcing myself to do some things that I'd avoid if life were cozier.

You know that Master's degree that I abandoned a few years ago in Athens, Ohio? Well, I've formed a thesis committee and am currently writing my project proposal. A conservative estimate has me defending this thing in the fall! More exciting than having that guy wrapped up is the prospect of being a Master of Science. Can you imagine? A MASTER. OF SCIENCE.

This week I'm submitting my Big Brothers Big Sisters application. I've been kicking around doing this for a few years now, but never pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, my cynicism about work is clouding out all the do-good feelings it used to bring, so I need this right now. Nick and I want to be foster parents in the maybe not-so-distant future, and while I may be a reasonable, kind person, I really don't have much experience with kids. I am the youngest of my siblings, the youngest grandkid on both sides, and none of my close friends have kids yet.

So, I am really excited about those two things. I am less excited about getting rid of the doughiness that results from six straight weeks of rain, but I bought new running clothes with birthday money so that helps.


  1. You have my sympathy on the bummerdom.

    Definitely do Big Sistering or babysitting or SOMETHING before foster parenting anyone. Working with children can be extremely rewarding, but it's tough work and you need to know Exactly what you're signing up for.

  2. @Rebekah Yep, that's the plan. See how this goes, have fun in the meantime, see if it's for us.

  3. What kind of Science are you going to be Master of?

  4. That's so exciting! I went to Peru for two months a few years ago, and my one piece of advice would be to not drink the water, brush your teeth with the water or eat fruits or vegetables that have been washed or prepared in the water but not cooked or peeled. I got water poisoning TWICE while I was down there, and that is not pleasant. There are just microbes in the water that most of us from the US are not used to. Also, you might want to go to your physician beforehand and stock up on the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Cipro (or something similar) to take if you DO come down with food or water poisoning. Have fun! :)

  5. Clicked over from APW today (loved it!). You are getting married on my 30th birthday! So excited for you!