Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please don't wake me no don't shake me

We spent night one in the new place last night. Not because we've moved enough stuff for that to be a reasonable proposal, but just because Nick was feeling boy-scout-campout adventurous and we're sick of staying at our old places and thinking about all the junk yet to be displaced.

I've mentioned before that basically it takes a black ops military unit to get me out of bed?

Well, the bedroom we picked for our sleeping quarters has one large window with dark-colored glass situated roughly 18 inches from the house next door. Oh, old-ass Victorian homes, packed together like Peeps. At night, and in the morning, and whenever you have the door shut, this room is a cave, an abyss, and fortress of total blackness. Like sleeping on a submarine.

So much for getting up early to run before work and grabbing coffee from the cute breakfast cafe down the street. Never. Going. To happen.

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