Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I've Learned, Month 6 of Engagement

There is a lot of agita about weddings and costs, especially in regard to gift registries. I think gift-giving is an art and that gift registries are boring. However:

1. We made a registry.
2. We feel weird about it.
3. People can give (or not give) whatever.

Also: I used to think that engaged people (mostly women, let's be honest) faux-threatened elopement to get sympathy for all the hard work they were doing. While I am excited for this party-of-a-lifetime, I get it now. (Seriously, you know how your worldview has dozens of other people's fingerprints all over it? Now put them all in a room together. WTF?!! Every time I even try to picture it, I laugh because it's so ridiculous. And awesome.)

A friendly acquaintance recently posted pictures on Facebook of his elopement to his girlfriend of ten years and I got a little flushed with jealousy. He wore a windowpane-plaid suit to the courthouse, she wore a white sundress and cowboy boots, afterwards they went for patio beers. Bam. Married.

I used to think that eloping meant cheating yourself out of something. But, you can cheat yourself out of bad things, too.

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