Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best practices : Comfest

1. Bring two beer mugs from years past - one for you and one for your old friend who's new to town.

2. The sign says one token fills your 32 oz. mug halfway and that two tokens will fill it to the top. But know that with your biggest "hey, bartender" eyes, one token will fill your mug just fine.

3. If your boyfriend lacked the foresight to pack a lunch or bring cash for festival food when he knew he'd be staffing a booth for five hours straight, it is okay to stop and watch the break dancers for a little while on your way to bringing him some pizza.

4. Find a shady spot and take a load off with your BFF.

5. Wake up on your couch at 9 p.m. unaware of what year it is. Don't feel old, because even when you were 19, you sucked at day-drinking. Hello there shoulder freckles, how was your sabbatical?

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