Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frivolous hair update

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Most would consider my hair "easy" but it is of constant irritation to me. I hate to have to maintain it, so I hardly do. It's mostly thick, straight and slippery with an occasional pesky wave and I do everything I can to avoid styling it in any way. I wash it every two or three days, sleep on it wet, throw it up in a topknot in the morning and then switch to braiding the grown-out-bangs-hair and leaving the rest down once it gets oily. I don't blow dry, comb, brush, or flat iron. I will cop to having had a stylist comb out a nascent dreadlock at the nape of my neck on more than one occasion. God my hair is annoying. I would go all Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby with it if I was prettier, I swear. But, um, I look exactly like my dad. Who is a perfectly handsome MAN.

Now that my bangs are grown out, I officially just have boring ass long straight brown hair. It occurred to me that I could totally get out of $40 salon haircuts now! I just need the ends trimmed! Today I took a $4.99 haircut coupon to the Clips-that-are-better-than-Good knowwhatImean and it was...honestly? awesome. At Great Clips, I can afford to have my hair washed too, and my guy was super friendly and professional. Also he asked who did my eyebrows (ha!), complimented them, and showed me where the eyebrow's "five points" are. I mean, I will probably just continue to tweeze the occasional stray guy when I catch one, but now I know about EYEBROW TRIGONOMETRY.

Man I feel so un-ratty and my hair smells like tea tree oil! And not Nick's Old Spice shampoo, which is what I currently wash it with...

Thank you for humoring this! I feel so free! Suck it, fancy hair places.

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  1. so jealous! Although with the discover of Ana's hair cutting ability I may be able to just pay her from the random cash laying around in my purse until my hair is long enough to go to Clips-that-are-better-than-Good.