Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I pulled out my interview shoes today, last worn April 2010. Conservative black closed-toe T-strap kitten heels. My mom bought them for me at maybe Kohl's? during my Period of Marginal Employment following graduate school. I wear (cheap) practical flats to the office, and for weddings or parties I prefer footwear that is colorful, shiny, or secondhand-weird. These interview shoes occupy a strange unworn space in my wardrobe - too stuffy for the office, too boring for life. They are like church shoes? So, like I said, unworn. I actually had to dust them and return them to their correct shape this morning when I put them on.

It went well, but, um, here's the trouble. All interviews go well, basically. It's just that one person gets the job, and the other people don't.

I don't believe in meant-to-be but I am glad I didn't end up at the positions I unsuccessfully interviewed for before working here. Rejections get a bad rap, but they help us chart our course, too.

But still, I wouldn't mind shelving those shoes for a while.

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  1. Man I totally know how interviewing can get you down. Because of this my interview shoes were a KICK ASS pair of high heels . Putting them on made me feel tall, and important. Ridiculous? Yes, but it is the little things that help get you through, "And what is your biggest weakness" for the 45th time.