Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We hauled up 71 to Nick's hometown this weekend for a wedding shower thrown by his mom and sister-in-law. While I have been to many weddings in my years, and they have occasionally inspired me to consider my own nebulous future wedding, I have never pictured myself as the honoree at a bridal shower. Yet, there I was, sitting in a chair in a dress while I tore through wrapping paper for polite onlookers. I think, though I am decidedly unfrilly and gag on musings that invoke"your new life..", that I should like to throw one for someone else some day. Sure, it is a means to load up your loved one with lots of cool stuff, but beyond that, it is such a heart-swelling thing to behold a room full of people who Showed Up for you.

Nick's stepdad, Joe, is a quiet, thoughtful type - he has use for about 20 words per day, and he selects them brilliantly. While Nick and his mom aren't coffee-drinkers (whaaaat), Joe knows that I like my coffee, preferably black and by the gallon. He has taken to picking me up a large coffee during his predawn Starbucks run, and eagerly heating it up for me when I finally appear in the kitchen at a more reasonable hour. He did this both mornings I was up there! Oh my god does this make me feel all cozy.

I found our wedding rug! It was tucked in the clearance section of a local fair trade textiles shop. I bought it and then presented it to Nick, who started laughing. "What?" "That's pretty hippy dippy." "I know, it matches our Gram Parsons wedding". He thoughtfully rolled it out and we stood on it and held hands. Greta quickly joined us on the rug to diligently lick her butt which bombed our glowy mood a little bit.


  1. I am so happy for all your awesome happiness! Hippy rug ftw!

  2. You know, Ashley, I am actually an irritable stressball right now but I am trying to focus on nice moments...haha.

  3. Just wanted to share... my sister had a wedding rug at her outdoor wedding, and it was awesome. Glad you found a good one!