Sunday, June 12, 2011

Their bread is very good.

All of The Office is available Netflix Instant right now. So that was a good weekend.

(Michael Scott laughs at his own absurd non-joke)
Nick: So...I'm the Michael Scott in this relationship.
Me: Yuuup.
Nick: And you're Oscar.

The show is (siiiigh) pretty unwatchable in its current iteration, but there was a time in college when Jenn and I were such mouth-breathing mockumentary geeks that I changed my work availability so that I was off on Thursday nights to watch. Really! We were such nerds students of the show that we could pretty successfully identify the writer of the episode by the second commercial break.

Jenn and I would buy each other little Thursday night treats (I would often find a six-pack of my favorite beer in the fridge) and we would shuffle around after class in our apartment, idly singing "office, office, ooooo-fiiice" to ourselves.

I can't remember the last time I arranged my life around a TV show! Aw. It was fun. We had fun. I miss Jenn.

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  1. I miss you too, buddy. I miss you too. I caught Email Surveillance on TBS (or some other channel that shows Office re-runs) and I thought of you! I like Cincinnati and all but I really miss Columbus.