Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday away

Leslie and pup, post-cookout, pre-boat nap.
Just got back from spending the holiday weekend at Leslie's family's little lake house out in the country. Last week was not for the faint-hearted, and this coming week promises to be a grind. I'm glad that in the middle of it all, I could be pulled behind a pontoon boat on an inner tube, legs flailing like a Jesus lizard.

We were on the water last night pretty late, all quietly watching the near-silent black water and the little roadside-bought fireworks exploding above the lake's rim all around us. I felt very separate from the anxieties that haunt my home zip code, warmed by guiltless boredom.

As it always is with leaving town, it's not so much the being gone that I need, as much as the coming back better.


  1. I will forever associate pontoon boats with the midwest summers of my childhood.

    Also, I just had to google Jesus lizard,

    I am pretty sure I like your version way better :)