Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to shop off-registry on purpose

They threw me a wedding shower last weekend in my hometown, which was a hell of a thing to do, don't you think? There were peach hand-pies and wine and brown-eyed babies paraded around on hips. I've said before that gift-giving is an art and that registries are boring, and I stand by that. I was told all along that people get a kick out of shopping from registries, so I shelved my hand-wringing Woody Allen-ness about it all, and Nick and I went out into the world with zappers and zapped objects for the home. So, while I was very much pleased to unwrap some items previously zapped by me (wine glasses! compost pail!) - my friends really nailed it with the off-registry gifts.

Ana gave me a fifth of Buffalo Trace bourbon and three little jars of accompanying simple syrups (ginger, mint, vanilla) that she made and canned. Jenn gave us the precious initial mugs above, although I have weirdly taken a shine to the N mug and left the E mug untouched? Michelle gave us a gift card to our local independent backpacking store so we can take on the Andes in style.

Basically, I wanted to squeeze the lights out of everyone there.


  1. I could write an entire blog post about how to NOT shop off the registry. Except that those people might one day read my blog. (Seriously, it wasn't pretty)

    Anyhow, hurrah! Glad you god some kick ass gifts :)

  2. @Zan - Um. YES.

    Writing "How NOT to shop off-registry" would just be mean. But, seriously. We got some gifts that were real head-scratchers.