Thursday, July 14, 2011

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A pleasant stream of thoughts I had last night while riding my bike home with a three-beer-buzz from Ana's house 3 miles north of me:

We're departing our reception on bike. The venue is a quick ride from our apartment, and an even quicker ride to downtown hotels. We've been strongly encouraged to get a hotel room that night, but I'd just as soon go home and crash in my bed. Also, why turn in then? The night will still be young when our reception ends. There will be plenty of time to grab a slice of pizza from Late Night Slice and catch a few minutes of whichever film they're projecting on the neighboring vacant building. Or we could murder an omelet at the Dube. (A note to say that everyone is suggesting I will "forget" to eat on our wedding day, as though I have ever "forgotten" to eat a single meal in my life, HA) Or maybe there won't be a plan. Maybe we'll pedal away from the reception and just see where we end up.

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