Monday, July 4, 2011

Lauren in Colorado

"I didn't say anything. Chris was waiting at the trail head for me. I picked up my million pound bike and defeatedly shoved it in the direction of the road. We ride on. We nearly missed the summit sign, but saw a huge circle of camps on the right. We were worried about Matt, but we parked it. I set up the tent in the deep wet grass with no gloves on. Chris tries to get the stove working to make soup and chili. We work in silence. I had to ask myself at one point, Are you going to die, Lauren? Are you physically ill? Are you in danger of hypothermia? Do you need to phone a life line? No. You are cold and tired and scared of bears. Chill the hell out and set up your tent. A cattywompus construction was close enough for jazz. I jumped into the sleeping bag and put on every layer I have in my tiny bag. Chris unzipped a tiny hole in the tent door, stuck a hand in with a steaming camping cup of ramen. This is base camp at Everest, i think to myself. It could be so much worse than this.

We finish all the canned foods and try to sleep. My inflatable pillow has burst. Of course it has. I sleep on my own pants. It rains through the entire night. I am not dead. I am not physically ill. I am not going to die..."

Are you guys reading Lauren's blog about cycling across the country? You just have to.

Dearest Lauren. Ride swift. Return to Ohio in one piece. There is food and air conditioning here, and beer. One thousand tacos are on us.

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