Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ring matters

FINALLY Nick and I found wedding rings.

There were (tragically!) some problems with my beautiful engagement ring, which I had initially intended to promote to wedding ring come September. I've been wearing a generic silver band on my left ring finger as a placeholder, which makes me look sort of married. I blame this for any deflected flirtation with bartenders, ice cream scoopers, avuncular mechanics, etc. But seriously, can no one in this town intuit sarcasm anymore?

Staples guy at printing counter: You don't have to stand up here and wait for your prints to finish if you don't want to.
Me, quickly glancing at name badge, and with a playful tone: Nathan. If you'd like me to leave, you can just come out and tell me so.
Staples guy, flatly: I just mean that you are free to browse the store while you wait, ma'am.


But seriously, most aspects of a wedding are so fleeting. If your dress is imperfect, well, you only have to wear it for six hours. Besides, it is the duty of the marrying to create hilarious era-trapped wedding pictures for future generations to mock.

The wedding ring, though. The notion of something manacled to my person for keeps? Daunting. Unexpectedly, I started to feel I was selling myself short picking something really simple. What if, some day, I am an elegant worldly woman of a certain age? That woman might be a woman who appreciates precious gems! Seems unlikely, but I don't know?!

I finally came to my senses and found a lovely, carved band. A flat band of oxidized silver. Because the grade school tomboy that put holes in her plaid stirrup leggings sliding into home? Yeah, she is still in charge, basically.


  1. Dude you know what is crazy? As soon as I got my engagement ring the flirting increased nine-fold. When I went to get the Cowboy's wedding gift framed the guy at the frame shop gave me 50% off the job because ... I think he wanted to ask me out? It was my FIANCE'S WEDDING PRESENT.


    Also, I think your band sounds lovely. Not plaid-legging at all.

  2. I love the ring! I really do, it's no compromise.

    Fifty percent off framing is a hell of a deal though. Lecherous framing guy or not.