Sunday, July 17, 2011

Single lady week, part I

I hadn't seen my dear friend, Jon since he moved to Portland last fall. I will not embarrass him by posting a picture of the two of us going to homecoming together nearly ten (!) years ago. It is a rare beardless picture of the guy, as he started beard-farming a few weeks after the photo was taken and has sported lower-quadrant face-fringe (quite winningly) ever since. Also I am impossibly pale and unmakeupped (aww), tattoo-less and wearing a dress without a bra, a favorite hobby of mine before I became disconcertingly saddled with my current condition, or pair of conditions, I suppose.

We went to different colleges, different graduate schools, but we were gchat confidants lo these many years. Any time we were both in our hometown for holidays, I could count on Jon to accompany me to our favorite Indian lunch buffet where we would dangerously over-naan and freak out about our inscrutable goddamn lives. OH and this one time we went to Europe together for three weeks. Perhaps...due to not observing signs we had to jaywalk across freaking Place Charles de Gaulle through eight lanes of breakneck roundabout traffic?

He was suddenly in town last week, but only for the evening, and it was a total joy. I am glad he is doing well on the left coast, a job that suits him after all that freaking SCHOOL and new friends and lady-friends and adventures. But I miss him! It was good to freak out about our inscrutable goddamn lives again over a few beers. See you at the wedding, friend.


  1. The phrase "dangerously over-naan" makes me laugh. And my mouth waters.

  2. Garlicky bread from any region of the world at a buffet is dangerous business!!

  3. Man I have a friend like this! One who oh those many years ago went on a "date" with me and was unbearded and ever since has been a mountain man. He is my favorite -- friends like this are one of life's necessities.