Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diane probably doesn't try to "guess correctly" at the optometrist.

Everyone read the New York Times piece on decision fatigue the other week, right? I blame this phenomenon for my perpetually incorrect eyeglass prescription. ("Better 1 or 2? Mmkay. Better 1 or 2? Mmkay.")

We are weeks away from the wedding and I'd rather perform minor surgery on myself than make another Decision. I have (wisely) tasked my mom with table decorations as they are important to her and ultimately inconsequential. And the poor dear keeps calling me to pitch seasonal flowers and jelly jars and I've not found a way of telling her politely REALLY I DON'T CARE I COULD NOT POSSIBLY CARE LESS THERE IS A CARING SHORTAGE EVIE-WIDE.

Many of the early wedding decisions were easy, really. I am tremendously picky and opinionated, so only one or two options were ever on the table. Then, I pick the cheaper one.

Which is why when deciding between a dozen comparably priced backpacker's hostels in Peru, I will pick the one whose website shows a picture of a roof deck with hammocks. Because, HAMMOCKS.

Nick, visibly concerned but trying to match my enthusiam: We...have to sleep in the hammocks?

Evie: What?! No. We are RELAXING in the hammocks. We are IN LOVE in the hammocks.


  1. Say, "Mom, I love you. And I love surprises too. Surprise me."

    And then you can go back to caring about Hammocks. :-)

  2. Always go with the roof deck and hammocks. Always.

  3. Hahaha, this is exactly how I feel at the eye doctor's. "I don't know! I don't know!" Also, choosing glasses? Cripes. Maybe we should all follow Diane's lead.