Wednesday, August 10, 2011

image via weheartit
The heat finally broke in central Ohio yesterday. After a bright day with low humidity and a monster rainstorm, the evening eased into cool, windows-open temperatures.

I caught Nick pitching a tent in the backyard in his undershirt and flannel pants. "We're sleeping out here tonight."

He does this sort of thing sometimes, just daring me to call his bluff. So I did.

All swaddled in the tent together at 1 a.m., a corny Girl Scout song wormed its way back into my head from some grave of childhood information. Mm-mm, I wanna linger, mm-mm, a little longer, mm-mm, a little longer here with you. I said the smell of a tent interior makes me nostalgic. He said it makes him feel free.

N.B. - this is our new "rustic" accommodations option for overserved friends.


  1. I remember that song...
    It seems different now. Better somehow.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Oh man, I told Cowboy that when we build our own house (big dream) we are building a sleeping porch onto the back. It is a must-have.

    My camp was a big singing camp -- man, I miss those songs.

  3. I'm so very grateful that the weather broke!

    We've been leaving our doors open all day, and the windows open all night. I've almost completely tuned out the cicadas.

    I never went to camp as a kid, but I've told Carson that we're building a treehouse. And it will have mosquito netting and be awesome.