Monday, August 1, 2011

Rabbit, rabbit

image via weheartit

For Christmas last year, Michelle and Mark gave us a beautiful poster-sized map of the world. I like plain old maps just fine, all veined with highways and rivers and those ragged coastlines always managing to perfectly jigsaw-piece the ocean. But this is a very special map. It is a scratch-off map, all the continents of the world covered in a light gold foil ready for an eager dime to reveal their borders.

Well, we could have gotten our thumbnails out right then and uncovered a handful of countries between us but we decided to wait. Use the map to scratch off countries we've seen together since receiving the map, and because of our busy, broke, and landlocked engagement, countries we'll see after getting married.

NEXT MONTH, we get married. Also, next month, we both get new passport stamps.

I wonder how long the map will show only Peru.


  1. That is so cool. And what a great idea, to scratch it off together!

  2. This is way late, but I just ran across the bookmark I made of this page when reading it initially. I read it on my iphone, which seems to hate blogger comment forms, but I made a mental note to return and ask "WHERE CAN I BUY THIS GLORIOUS MAP?!?!?!"

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