Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trash(ed) the dress

Picked up my wedding dress today from the seamstress. It was certainly...altered! (It is unwearable. It is likely not fixable.)

You know, I cried a few tears of rearranged expectations as I teetered on heels over the cobblestone street. I'd made Nick come with me after work to the alterations place (I was so excited!) and he walked beside me to the car, knowing better than say a WORD of English to me. An upset Evie is not to be consoled!

Now that a few hours have passed though, I am being completely serious when I say that I think this little hiccup is hilarious. I almost wouldn't undo it. I don't know. How hard do you think it'll be to find a white dress in August?


  1. Oh honey! Will you be able to get the seamstress/ tailor to pay for the dress that they've made unwearable?
    Best of luck with the last minute dress hunt. I actually found mine in a local independent upscale store. I hope you find one as easily as I did!

  2. Okay, internet shopping:
    a) How do you feel about bridal stores? Like David's Bridal? Or other such places...
    b) Where do you live ? (You can DM me on twitter if you like) because I have a sewing machine if you feel brave or need booze. ;)
    c) Holy shiz, are you suing the seamstress?
    d) Could you get someone to make the dress you want? Obvs not the original seamstress.
    e) Is this enough stupid questions?

  3. What size are you? Do you want my dress?

  4. Everyone - thank you so much for your generosity. I think it will all get sorted out. I'll keep you posted.

  5. Good luck to you! This sucks hard, but it's great that you're seeing the humor in the situation:)