Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Not happening, not a chance.

I will cop to having experienced some passive regret the past few weeks about the mise-en-scène of the wedding not being quite what I had wanted. I have not lost sight of the big picture. Just grieving the teensy tiny death of some effortlessly chic rock and roll bash.

Nick likes to tell people that the theme of our wedding is "it's a wedding". And it is, but secretly, and possibly only in the weird dark thoroughfares of my brain, the theme is "downtown garden party".

I told one of my most stylish cool-kid friends a few weeks ago not to expect some hip gala. She countered witheringly, "Dude, weddings aren't supposed to be 'cool'." I wanted to kiss her on her whole face, but instead I just opened her next beer and said, "no, no, of course not."

Of course not!

P.S. Also, our wedding is in a garden. Downtown. Theme accomplished. Let's party.

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