Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My mom visited tonight and brought all of our wedding presents. (She'd been kindly keeping them while we were out of the country, and hot damn, did you guys outdo yourselves!!) But mostly she cracked me up by being accidentally hilarious.

Mom: So I told the girl at the drive-thru that she was selling me a wimpy cone and she knew it.
Me: My favorite part of this story is that you were ever at a McDonald's drive-thru ordering soft-serve for yourself.

Mom: Once you get that stupid Master's degree in hand, I will take you anywhere you want to go..
Mom: What?! No. I will take you anwhere you want to go, like, for dinner. In Dayton.

(I've unwrapped sheets.)
Mom: Never open those!
Me: What?
Mom: Keep those sealed. Those should be your special back-up sheets. For when your current sheets wear out.
Me: Secret surplus sheets, got it.
Mom: Don't do the thing where you try to make my ideas sound dumb.

I admit to being pretty speechless about the wedding but Lauren wrote a little about it, and it makes me blush and feel all cotton-y and warm like secret surplus sheets fresh from the dryer.

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  1. Morocco. YES.

    Hahahaha secret surplus sheets.