Sunday, October 23, 2011

Honeymoon notes

There is just no reason for a bed to ever be this big.

We stayed in a lean but homey backpacker's hostel for the first few nights, and were curled up in sleeping bags in a remote tent in the dead-quiet Andes mountains during our trek. Finally, upon our return to Cusco, we stayed in an absurdly posh hotel until the end of our trip. I didn't mean for it to be all Goldilocks, but our varying shelter sort of covered some key Nick and Evie bases: unfussy, adventurous, and finally, LAZY.

I'll cop to being excited to come home the last two days of our honeymoon. We certainly weren't wishing away our trip, but we really like our cozy life in this brick apartment and settling back into familiar habits and backdrops without the ominous pall of Wedding Chores sounded dreamy.


  1. <3

    You're my heroes: our honeymoon was ALL lazy! We did go on two bike rides on very flat ground, though. :D

  2. these pictures remind me of the opening short-movie in darjeeling limited. tremendous light and color. frameables.