Monday, December 12, 2011


Eat your heart out, Charlie Brown.
Tree-trimming, a serious business, must be done in one's jammies.

Wee little birdy garland

Oh man, have you ever seen such a hard luck tree. As we decorated, Nick and I kept stepping back and laughing at its crappiness. It's got heart, I'll give it that much.

I've been positively deficient of holiday cheer the past few weeks and all but dragged myself to go pick this out with Nick, making a vinegar face as we surveyed the interchangeable trees in the cold.

But as we decorated with my cache of childhood ornaments, I was able to revisit past selves and worlds (obsession with Coke's polar bear campaign, polar bears in general). Wouldn't you know it, I scraped together a little childlike wonder.

Here's to a wimpy tree to be destroyed by the cat in no time. I think it's just the greatest.


  1. I lurv your tree. And the other tree on the chalkboard wall!